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No drill plantation shutters for less!

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No Drill Plantation Shutters

Unlike other plantation shutters, Perfect Fit Shutters don’t require any outer framing – they simply fit into your existing UPVC window frames. This lets more light in and lets the shutters move with the window or door.

Why choose Perfect Fit Shutters

Get the look of plantation shutters at a fraction of the cost!

Low cost Shutter

Quick delivery

No drill installation

10 year guarantee

Child Safe

Easy to clean

Waterproof shutters

Improved view and light control

Moves with the window or door

Made in the UK

Low cost shutters – designed to last

Perfect fit shutters offer an affordable alternative to traditional wooden shutters and they come with an incredible 10 year warranty. The innovative design allows the shutters to be easily removed for decorating if you decide to change the look of your room.

Perfect Fit Shutter Inspiration

Get the traditional look of plantation shutters with the innovative design of perfect fit from Louvalite.

Perfect fit shutters lite - close up window opening
Perfect fit shutters lite are waterproof and suitable for bathrooms
Perfect fit shutters lite - 2 panel window in a living room
Perfect fit shutters lite are child safe and suitable for childs play rooms
Perfect fit shutters lite - set in a bay window dining room

Perfect fit shutters FAQ’s

How are perfect fit shutters different from traditional shutters?

The innovative design of the perfect fit shutter clips neatly into the exsiting window frame without drilling. This gives the traditional look of a plantation shutter but allows them to move with the window or door frame, and takes up a little less space than the traditional shutter.

Perfect fit shutters are designed to be easy to remove, making cleaning the shutter and window behind a breeze.

Traditional shutters are fixed to the wall by screws and need to be opened separately to operate the window or door and are available in both UPVC and wooden options.

Are perfect fit shutters cheaper than traditional shutters?

Yes! Compared to traditional made-to-measure plantation shutters perfect fit shutters offer considerable cost savings.

Are perfect fit shutters child safe?

Perfect fit shutters have no cords or strings to get tangled so there is no risk of strangulation, making them a great choice for kids bedrooms and playrooms. (They’re also great for pesky pets who love to pull at Venetian slats).

Child safety is really important to us, and we only supply products that meet the British Blind and Shutter Association’s (BBSA) strict child safety requirements.

What are perfect fit shutters made of?

Perfect fit shutters are made from a hight quality Poly-silk vinyl that’s designed to last for 10 years.

Are perfect fit shutters waterproof?

Yes, making perfect fit shutters a great choice for high-moisture areas like bathrooms and kitchens. The high-quality UPVC poly silk vinyl will not crack or warp in humid rooms.

Are perfect fit shutters suitable for patio and french doors?

Perfect fit shutters are designed to fit into the recess of the window glass making them suitable for most modern french doors.

Patio doors may not be suitable as the shutter may interfere with the sliding mechanism. In these cases, we recommend the traditional style shutter.

Our team will be able to survey your doors to let you know if they’re a suitable choice for you. If your doors aren’t right for perfect fit shutters, our team will help you find an alternative that works for you.

Are perfect fit shutters suitable for all windows?

Perfect fit shutters are designed to fit into UPVC and aluminium windows where a small bracket can be fitted to the frame. They are not suitable for all frames but do fit most modern windows.

Our team will be able to survey your windows to let you know if they’re a suitable choice for you. If your windows are not suitable, our team will help you find an alternative that works for you.

Can I remove the perfect fit shutters myself?

Yes. Perfect fit shutters clip in system is designed to make removal and refitting easy.

No special tools are needed – the shutter simply clicks into place.

Maintaining your perfect fit shutters

To keep your perfect fit shutters in the best condition we recommend regularly cleaning with a damp cloth to remove dust and surface dirt. No special tools or cleaning solutions are needed.

What are the perfect fit shutters options?

Perfect fit shutters are available in:

  • slat size – 63mm
  • two colour variations (Arctic and Cotton White)
  • left and right louvre controls
  • left, right and bottom window handle variations
  • various panel sizes – which can be combined to cover larger windows/doors

What are the minimum and maximum sizes for perfect fit shutters?

Perfect fit shutters measurements are taken from the size of the glass window.

Minimum glass size –Ā 201mm Width X 229mm High
Maximum glass size for single panels – 54mm Width X 2154mm High

For larger windows, panels are combined to cover the space with each panel louvre mechanism operating independently.

Make it safe – Child safe
10-year quality guarantee
Free quotes and fitting
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