External blinds and outdoor screens

Improve energy efficiency

External blinds are great at keeping interiors cool in summer and warm in winter while providing privacy and stand out style.

Vertical awnings

External blinds (sometimes called vertical awnings or outdoor screens) are designed for windows that get too much sun. They’re perfect for south-facing windows or large doors that suffer from glare when the suns elevation is in just the wrong place.

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Why choose external blinds

External blinds are the hidden gems of shading, offering more than just stand out style to any home.

Solar protection

Choose blackout or opaque fabrics to control the sun or convert bright glare into softer ambient lighting with our transparent ranges.

Privacy and security

Say goodbye to nosey neighbours and prying eyes. Pair your external blinds with a smart home hub for added security.

Energy saving

Controlling the temperature of your home by limiting how much sun gets in is a great way to save energy naturally.

Fitting External blinds

Mounted to the outside, external blinds not only regulate solar hear and glare, they allow your interior design to remain unaffected by the installation of blinds or curtains. They’re great for minimalism lovers and for windows where internal space is limited.

Drop arm awnings

Choose a drop arm style if you like the option of adjusting your outdoor blind outwards. Great for letting the cooler evening breeze in and still keeping the glare out.

Drop arm awnings retract into a cassette, protecting the fabric and can be manually operated or paired with a choice of motorisation options.

External Blinds Inspiration

Markilux external patterned blind
Markilux external glass room blinds
Markilux semi-transparent external blind
Markilux external pergola blind
Red and white striped drop arm blinds
Markilux external blinds semi-transparent interior view
Markilux external textured blinds in black