Keeping your conservatory warm

Keep your conservatory at the right temperature.

Choose from a range of innovative shading solutions for your conservatory and save money on energy bills. Pair your blinds and awnings with an automated smart home system and keep your perfect temperature all year long.

Conservatory blinds

Blinds are the classic choice for conservatory shading. Improving temperature regulation, privacy, reducing glare, and adding instant style. Talk to our team about our no-drill systems and shaped blinds for conservatory rooves.

Conservatory shutters

Plantation shutters are a fantastic option for conservatories and orangeries. They provide flexible light control, added insulation, privacy and can be shaped to fit awkward roof shapes.

Conservatory awnings

These clever awnings are designed for glass rooves and can be used in conservatories, glass rooms and glass canopies. Keeping the heat out and trapping the warmth in, they’re a great choice if you’d like a minimalist look.

Window film

 Solar film can be used to control the temperature in your conservatory by reducing 80% of the heat and glare.  Available in both tinted and mirror finishes, window film offers extra privacy and security.

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