Allusion blinds

Subtle light diffusion – elegant style.

Allusion blinds create a light and airy effect during the day and close to give privacy at night. Using a combination of sheer and opaque fabric these blinds give a sophisticated, softly draped look without the need for bulky curtains.

Classic style

More than a voile Allusion blinds rotate to give light and privacy. You can walk through them, and of course, they still pull back to open up the view.

Allusion fabrics

See our Allusion blinds fabrics.

Blinds for large windows and bi-folds

Allusion blinds are a must for patio and bi-fold doors, as they’re made to allow easy access.

Suitable for all window types, they come in a range of elegant neutral colours that will give instant ambience to any room.

Make it safe – Child safe
5-year quality guarantee
Free quotes and fitting
Family-owned business
Motorised blind remote control

Motorised blinds

All of our blinds can be motorised and can be fitted with rechargeable batteries so no wiring is required.

Our state-of-the-art automated smart home systems also work with Google, Apple and Amazon assistants and speakers.

Get the look

Allusion blinds are unique in their ability to give the visibility and lightweight feeling of a voile AND the total privacy of curtains. Use them to create a bright and airy feel.

Louvolite Allusion Blinds “Vista Snow”
Louvolite Allusion blinds “Vista snow”
Louvolite Allusion “Vista snow”
Louvolite Allusion Blinds close up
Louvolite Allusion blinds “Vista snow”
Louvolite Allusion blinds “Pewter” close up