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Thermal Cellular Blinds

Modern, affordable, and able to furnish the most awkward or difficult window shapes, cellular blinds are a popular choice for conservatories and loft conversions because of their insulating qualities.

Cellular blinds

Cellular blinds create a thermal barrier between the window and your room by trapping air in their honeycomb-like structure, keeping you warm in winter and cool in summer.

Up to
Heat Loss

Independent studies show that a cellular blackout blind can reduce heat loss by up to 33%! Read the research

Blinds for conservatories

Cellular blinds are a top choice for conservatories. Their thermal features and flexible shape make them perfect for glass roofs and large glass windows, reducing energy costs all year round.

Pair your cellular blinds with the perfect fit system for the ultimate UPVC no-drill blinds.

Motorised blind remote control

Motorised blinds

All of our blinds can be motorised and can be fitted with rechargeable batteries so no wiring is required.

Our state-of-the-art automated smart home systems also work with Google, Apple and Amazon assistants and speakers.

Cellular blinds – get the look

Cellular blinds are flexible, modern and most importantly stylish. They offer great textural interest to a window. Choose a soft neutral to create a harmonious calming effect or add a pop of colour to tie your decorating scheme together.

Cellular blinds - Celeste anthracite in a bathroom.
Louvalite Cellular Blinds Astral Blackout Pebble
Louvalite Cellular blind Mirage Blackout Mocha
Louvolite pleated blind "Monroe Onyx"
Louvalite Cellular Luna Navy

Cellular Blinds FAQ’s

Do cellular blinds save energy?

Yes. Independent studies have shown that cellular blinds do an incredible job of preventing heat transfer to window glass.

This means that in winter they trap warm air inside, and in summer they keep heat out helping you keep energy costs down all year round.

How do cellular blinds work?

Cellular blinds create a honeycomb-like structure that traps a layer of air between the window and your room, preventing heat from escaping out of the window.

Trapped air is a natural insulator because convection currents cannot move the heat around. Many insulating materials trap air to prevent heat loss – such as fibreglass, foam insulation and even fluffy puffer coats and winter duvets.

Cellular blinds have been proven to significantly reduce heat loss compared to other insulation methods, and work particularly well with large windows, conservatories, bi-fold, patio and french doors which can all feel cold to the touch even with double and triple glazing.

Can cellular blinds be motorised?

Yes. All of our blinds can be motorised and are available in wire-free installation with long-lasting battery packs.

Match a motorised blind with our state-of-the-art home automated systems and you can set your blinds to open at set times or set temperatures to keep your house cool in summer and warm in winter.

Can cellular blinds fit awkward window shapes?

Yes. Because of their sturdy construction cellular blinds are an excellent choice for awkward-shaped windows or areas like conservatory roofs and roof lanterns and skylights.

Are cellular blinds blackout blinds?

Cellular blinds are available in blackout fabrics, but they’re also available in wide range of colours in light-filtering and ultra-fresh fabrics too.

Are cellular blinds good for conservatory shading?

Because of the large amount of glass in a conservatory cellular blinds are an excellent choice for shading in summer and keeping things warmer in winter. Their sturdy construction makes them great at covering Victorian, Edwardian and gable end glass roof styles.

Pair a cellular blind with the Perfect Fit system to neatly fit your blinds into the existing UPVC glazing and your blind will move with the window or door for extra convenience.

Are cellular blinds the same as honeycomb blinds?

Cellular blinds are sometimes called honeycomb blinds because of the shape of the air-trapping cell that’s created by the blind.

What is the warranty on cellular blinds?

Cellular blinds come with our full five-year warranty for residential installations.

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