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Beautiful shading in a stylish conservatory Beautiful shading in a stylish conservatory Beautiful shading in a stylish conservatory

Conservatory shading window film

Heat build up in your conservatory can soon cause the temperature to become too hot, fabrics to fade and leather to degrade

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Regulating the temperature

A conservatory with solar shading

As well as conservatory blinds solar film can be used to control the temperature in your conservatory by reducing 80% of the heat and glare.

In addition to keeping temperatures lower in summer, window film can also keep the warmth in during winter. Available in both tinted and mirror finishes, window film offers extra privacy and security.

UV Protection

Solar film offers protection from up to 99% of harmful UV rays entering your conservatory. Protecting your skin, fabrics and paintings from fading.

Security Film

Security film is a heavier duty material specifically designed to strengthen glass in vulnerable areas and to bring older glass into line with BS EN12600 glass safety regulations. This is particularly important for schools and public building but is also available for domestic situations to provide added security to exterior glass.

Why choose window tinting

  • Decreases heat
    Films can reduce heat by up to 80%.
  • Increases safety and security
    Mirrored finishes reduce the visibility of your valuables and broken glass is held together by the film, preventing accidents.
  • Reduces Fading
    99% of harmful UV rays are blocked, minimising fading of fabrics and paintings.
  • Cuts glare
    Direct sun, reflections and glare are all reduced with window film.
  • Provides energy savings
    Reducing temperature imbalance can reduce heating and air conditioning cost
  • Fast and easy to install

Suitable for:

  • Homes and conservatories
  • Commercial properties
  • Caravans and vans
  • Patio doors
  • Picture windows

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